HyReach Tree Shear "Payback" Calculator

If you have limbs and trees growing around the perimeter of your crop fields, you can easily calculate how long it would take to pay back the cost of a Precision HyReach Tree Shear by following these steps.

Simply put YOUR numbers in the green boxes and see the results.

By trimming back feet of limbs and trees around your acre field, you just added at least new acres of tillable land.
This equates to $ more income per year.
The time period it will take to pay for your new HyReach Tree Shear is year(s).

How many acres are in the field you want to trim back?
Average number of feet to trim back?
Seed cost per acre?
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Fertilizer, weed and pest control per acre?
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Average yield for this acreage?
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Price per bushel?
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What is the price of the HyReach Tree Shear you want to buy?