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Model: 336S27

Weight: 213 lbs

Convert Your Pallet Forks Into Grapple Forks!

The Pallet Fork Add A Grapple converts your standard pallet forks into grapple forks at an economical cost. No more loads falling off the forks. Easy On / Easy Off installation. Fits pallet forks up to 4″ wide and a maximum of 1 3/4″ thick. Two fork positions available – Outer position allows clamping against the forks while the Inner position will allow the grapple to bypass the forks to clamp down on a smaller load. Optional log clamp allows you to clamp onto one object at a time. Very useful when cutting pipes and logs – no bending over and no chain saw in the dirt! See how to chose the right grapple and our Grapple Spec Sheet below to make the correct choice for your equipment and usage.

  • Easy On / Easy Off
  • Holds Brush, Limbs and Logs
  • Stabilizes Pallet Loads
  • Optional Log Clamp
  • Hoses Not Included


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