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Add Large Equipment Features to Your Compact Tractor!

The “BIG MOUTH” MINI Grapple Rake 322 is the perfect grapple rake for tractors with 40 horsepower or less. The “rake” feature allows the operator to gather (rake) loose material into a pile. The large 48” opening also closes tight to securely hold small or large loads. The concealed cylinders and hydraulics are fully protected and will not snag on limbs and brush.

Each Mini Grapple Rake includes supply lines with your choice of Pioneer Coupler sizes. The hose length is available in two lengths. The 100” will normally reach the middle of the loader arm where many of the selector valves (Xtra Valve Kits) are mounted. The 60” length will reach the front of the tractor. Just indicate your preference of hose length and Pioneer Coupler size when placing your order.

All pivot points are greased for long lasting wear. The spacing of rake tines is between 9” and 10” which allows the operator to rake small or large material and at the same time sift the dirt. Each tine is reinforced for extra strength. The end tines on the rake are double reinforced.

Model: 322DBLSS
Weight: 264 lbs.

(Double Grapples, Universal Quick Attach Brackets)

Model: 322DBLJD400
Weight: 276 lbs.

(Double Grapples, John Deere Brackets)
  • 48” Opening, 59” Wide and Weighs 264 and 276 pounds
  • Fully Plumbed with Quick Attach Brackets
  • Reinforced Rake Tines (End Tines are Double Reinforced)
  • Double Grapples
  • Recommended for up to 40hp tractors


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