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Add A Grapple FAQs

My bucket is slightly wider than your maximum width? (view answer)

Are hoses included with the grapples? (view answer)

What can the grapple pick-up? (view answer)

How wide do the grapples open? (view answer)

What is the weight of the grapples? (view answer)

How do I know if the grapple will fit my bucket? (view answer)

Grapple Rake FAQs

What is the spacing of the rake tines? (view answer)

Are hoses included? (view answer)

What will the Grapple Rakes pick up? (view answer)

How wide do the grapples open? (view answer)

What are the weight of the Grapple Rakes? (view answer)

Should I choose a single grapple or double grapple? (view answer)

HyReach Clipper FAQs

How often should I sharpen the blade? (view answer)

Will rocks hurt the blade? (view answer)

I only have one set of auxiliary hydraulic outlets on my tractor/skid steer and the clipper with the rotating head requires two sets of outlets. (view answer)

How large is the cutting cylinder? (view answer)

How long have you been making the HyReach Clipper? (view answer)

What kind of routine maintenance is required? (view answer)

Can I pile brush with the HyReach Clipper? (view answer)

What type of trees will the clipper cut? (view answer)

How large of a tree or limb will the clipper cut? (view answer)

How close to the ground will the clipper cut? (view answer)

What keeps tree from falling on operator? (view answer)

Will the clipper operate with all tractors and skid steers? (view answer)

Can clipper be used with equipment other than skid steers and tractors? (view answer)

How high will clipper reach? (view answer)

How many trees will the clipper cut per hour? (view answer)


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