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"Big Mouth" 327 Grapple Rake

The Largest Opening Double Grapple In Its Class, 54"!

Introducing the third member of the Big Mouth Family, the 327 Series Big Mouth Grapple Rake. Made for the small utility tractor and larger compact tractor 40 to 70 hp. Available in two widths 63” and 72”. The 63” width with John Deere Brackets weighs approximately 438 lbs. while the 72” width weighs 486 lbs. The Universal Quick Attach versions are slightly heavier at 478 lbs. for the 63” and 526 lbs. for the 72”.

Each 327 Grapple Rake is fully plumbed and includes two supply lines and couplers. The 91.5” hose length option will generally reach the middle of the loader arm, where many of the selector valves are mounted on the tractor. If you have a valve mounted on the front of the tractor (commonly, this is where John Deere mounts their valves), you will need the 60” supply line hoses.

All pivot points are greased for long lasting wear. The rake tine spacing is 7” to 10". Both the 63" model and the 72" model have 9 rake tines which allow the operator to rake small or large material and at the same time sift the dirt. Each tine is reinforced and the end tines are reinforced on both sides for extra strength.

Model: 327DBLJD60

Weight: 438 lbs.

(Double Grapples, John Deere Brackets)

Model: 327DBLJD72

Weight: 486 lbs.

(Double Grapples, John Deere Brackets)

Model: 327DBLSS60

Weight: 478 lbs.

(Double Grapples,
Universal Quick Attach Brackets)

Model: 327DBLSS72

Weight: 526 lbs.

(Double Grapples,
Universal Quick Attach Brackets)
327 BIG MOUTH 02
327 BIG MOUTH 03
327 BIG MOUTH 04
327 BIG MOUTH 05

Features include :

  • 54” Opening, Available in 63” & 72" Widths
  • Fully Plumbed with Quick Attach Brackets
  • Reinforced Rake Tines
    (End Tines are Double Reinforced)
  • Double Grapples
  • Stands to Easily Connect & Disconnect
    Allows for Compact Storage
  • Recommended for Utility Tractor &
    Larger Compact Tractors 40 to 70 hp
  • Made of 3/8” AR400 Steel


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