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Model: 535000

Weight: 808 lbs.


“Because sometimes you just don’t want to leave a stump!”

The 535 Tree Puller "ELIMINATOR" is our latest addition in tree pulling. Several new features shown below make this our “BEST” yet! Our Tree Pullers are designed to remove the ENTIRE tree – ROOTS and ALL! The powerful jaws and sharp teeth provide a strong grip for exceptional pulling power. The Spade points are used to dig roots and loosen soil. The Tree Puller can also be used to remove posts and stakes or even move large rocks and boulders.

Added Features With The "Eliminator":

  • The new SAW feature allows you to saw a tree that may be too large to pull. The maximum saw diameter is 12” from one side

"NEW" Features Include:

  • Extended blade length by 6” for better digging
  • Double the size of the root ripper for better cutting of roots
  • Improved digging ability with reversed spade points and larger spade points 8” wide
  • Opened up space between blades to allow dirt and debris to flow thru openings
  • Improved hose management with hydraulic hose holder (TAMEit)
  • Open tips for post pulling. Minimizes damage to “T” Posts
  • 90° blade teeth that are extra long for better gripping of trees

Signature Features Include:

  • Double rows of teeth for better grip of tree
  • Telescoping cylinder guard that protects cylinder in extended and retracted positions
  • Heavy Duty oversized brush guard for maximum equipment protection
  • Hose management for maximum protection for hoses and fittings
  • Blades and Root Ripper are made of T1 steel


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