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Frequently Asked Questions

Add A Grapple FAQs

We can custom size the grapple to fit your bucket. There will be a small charge for this service.

Hoses are included with the Contractor and Commercial Add A Grapple.

Our grapples can pick-up any loose material. They are not designed to dig however.

Single & Double Add A Grapple opens approximately 35”.

The Contractor Models open approximately 39”.

The Commercial Model opens approximately 49″. (The Add A Grapple models may vary slightly depending upon installation.)

Please refer to our individual product pages for more info.

Single Grapple = 142 lbs.

Double Grapple = 220 lbs.

Contractor Grapple = 387 lbs.

Commercial Grapple = 413 lbs.

Please refer to our individual Add A Grapple pages for more info.

Each of our individual Add A Grapple product pages has a How Do I… , A Specification Sheet, and A Selector Guide to fit your bucket correctly. Or feel free to Call Us at (888)497-3224 with any other questions.

Grapple Rake FAQs

Our spacing of tines is 6″. This is wide enough to sift the dirt yet close enough to hold small material such as rocks.

Hoses are included with most models or are available as an accessory.

Our grapples can pick-up any loose material. They are not designed to dig however.

The grapple opening is probably the most important feature of a grapple. A wider opening means you can grab more material. We have openings from 50″ to 73″. Even large enough to handle large round bales. Please refer to our individual Grapple Rake product pages for more info.

We have several models to choose from. Weights range from as low as 367 lbs. for small tractors up to 1190 lbs. for large equipment.

Remember to choose a grapple that weighs less than 50% of your lift capacity. Please refer to our individual Grapple Rake product pages for more info and quick reference guides at the bottom of each.

Generally speaking, a double grapple is preferred to clamp down on uneven loads. A single grapple may be preferred for picking up even material such as hay bales. Please refer to our individual Grapple Rake product pages for more info and quick reference guides at the bottom of each page or feel free to Call Us at (888)497-3224 with any other questions.

HyReach Clipper FAQs

Never. The blades come with approximately 1/8” edge. The force from the 5” X 8” cylinder forces the blades thru the tree so the blade does not need to be sharp. Sharpening the blade will only thin the steel and increase the possibilities of chipping the blade.

You will need to purchase a selector valve. This will turn your single outlet into a double outlet. The flow will be diverted either manually or electrically to either the cutting cylinder or the rotation cylinder. These valves can be purchased from Precision as an accessory item. See our Xtra Valve Kits click here for Contractor/Heavy Duty 24gpm or Utility/Compact Tractor 15gpm.

The cylinder is custom made for Precision Manufacturing INC. It is a 3,000 PSI, 5” X 8” cylinder with a 2” rod and 1¼” pins. At 2,000 PSI, the cylinder produces approximately 20 tons of push.

The clipper was first produced in 1992. Many improvements have been made since that time and we continually look for ways to improve our clipper.

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Just make sure all bolts and nuts are properly tightened before each use and that all grease zerks are greased. Other concerns feel free to Call Us at (888)497-3224.

The clipper is not designed for lifting. Doing so could permanently damage the clipper and/or accessories.

We are yet to find a wood that the clipper will not cut – DEAD OR ALIVE!

Between 9” and 12” with a single cut. The deeper the tree goes into the blade, the larger the cut.

There is a sled on the bottom of the clipper which is used for blade support. To cut at ground level or below, tilt cutter slightly forward and drop it to the ground in front of the tree. Next, slide clipper under the tree. The weight of the clipper will sink the clipper blades into the ground and allow you to cut at lower levels.

Extreme caution must be taken. Though most cuts fall to the side, it is possible for a tree to fall backwards. To reduce the risk of trees falling backwards, trim limbs on the operator side of tree before cutting. Also, tilting the clipper forward before cutting helps fall tree away from operator.

The clipper will operate with virtually all tractors and skid steers. The only requirement is to have minimum hydraulic pressure of 2,500 PSI.

Yes. The clipper has been mounted to back hoes, excavators, telehandlers and bucket trucks to name a few. If the equipment has hydraulics, a clipper can more than likely be adapted for use with that equipment.

The HyReach clipper will cut 6’ beyond the end of your equipment. For example: If the loader reaches 12’ in the air. Add the 6’ reach which means your reach is 18’.

There are too many variables to accurately answer this question since the cutting speed will vary depending upon the hydraulic pressure and flow. Generally, it takes slightly over 3 seconds to cut an 8” tree. Owners have reported cutting up to 300 trees per hour.



All products have been carefully manufactured and tested. Should our product prove defective, or appear to be, please discontinue use immediately and contact us. Not responsible for any damage or claims beyond the selling price of the product. No returns allowed without express written consent of company.