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Model: ED6451

Weight: 929 lbs

Our Strongest Clipper Head Ever!

The "Extreme Duty" tree clipper uses our strongest clipper head (664000). The mount has two extra stabilizer bars for a total of five. The rotator also has several extra gussets and is triple walled. This unit includes a wireless remote to activate the solenoid valve for rotation. Easy to move from one piece of equipment to another without the hassle of a wiring harness - also, no more wires getting tangled in the brush. If your skid steer has electrical outlets you can choose from either the 14 PIN or 8 PIN Connector for controlling the rotation. You will be able to select which button on your control handle will control the rotation feature by determining the location for each pin on the connector. The extra long upper and lower plates add strength to the clipper head. The easy release feature of the 664000 clipper head eliminates limbs and trees from wedging between blades. The self-cleaning side spacers reduces the daily maintenance of cleaning the debris from the sides of the blades.

Features include :

  • 664000 Clipper Head
  • Fully plumbed with hoses/hose wrap, couplers, solenoid valve and valve guard
  • Wireless Remote - transmitter, receiver, battery, charger, steel storage box
  • Ground Level Cutting or Power Rotate up to 110 degrees to trim limbs
  • Maximum Cut Between 9" and 12"
  • Cuts all Wood ~ DEAD OR ALIVE!
  • Limb Guard


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