Wireless Troubleshooting

Wireless Troubleshooting

Most problems with the wireless system are battery related.  Make sure the battery in the remote is new.  Make sure the battery in the black metal box is fully charged and will hold its charge – just because the light on the charger turns green does not necessarily mean it is a good battery.  It may not hold its amperage under load.  You will need a battery tester to test this.

When the upper left hand button on the key fob transmitter is pushed you should see a red blinking light.  If light is dim or not flashing rapidly it will need to be replaced.  Follow instructions in manual for replacing the battery.

After you have determined that both the 12v battery and the battery in the key fob/transmitter are fully charged you need to activate or turn on the system.  You can do this by pushing and holding the reset toggle button for 3 to 5 seconds.  The reset toggle button is located on top of the metal box located on the tree shear (older units may have a rubber covered push button).  This will turn on or activate the receiver so it can receive a signal.  Now push the upper left hand button on the key fob/transmitter.  You should hear a clicking noise coming from the valve.  If you hear the clicking noise, your system is operating properly.  Remember the upper left hand button is a momentary switch.  It must remain depressed and held at the same time that you activate your remote hydraulics on your equipment for rotation.

The bottom right button or “OFF” button shuts down the system.  To reactivate the wireless system you will need to push the toggle button again to activate or turn on the system.  Also, the system automatically shuts down after 2 hours of no operation to preserve battery life.

If you did not hear the clicking noise check the fuse located on the wiring harness inside the box.  Next make sure all connections to the battery and to the valve are secure.

If you still do not hear the clicking noise you will need to remove the receiver (unless it is mounted to the back of the metal box where you can clearly see the LED light).  There are two bolts holding the receiver to the side of the black metal box.  Once removed you will need to look for the LED light located by the “L” on the front of the receiver.  When you press and hold the reset button (toggle switch) located on the top of the black metal box, you should see a red blinking LED light in the “L” area of the receiver.  This means the system is turned on and ready to receive a signal.

Next, press and hold the upper left hand button of the key fob remote transmitter.  The red blinking LED light on the receiver should turn solid green.  Release the remote button and the LED light should go back to blinking red.

If the LED light did not turn green, the receiver is not receiving a signal from the key fob transmitter.

You will need to follow the LEARN process found in your owner’s manual.