Extra Wide Opening

Extra Wide Opening

There is one thing you will discover about the Grapple Rakes from Precision Manufacturing.  They all have a very large opening which obviously means you can hold more material.  Even the grapple rake for the utility and compact tractor has a 50″ opening.  The larger grapples have up to a 73″ opening.  Large enough to grab a large round hay bale.

Other features include concealed cylinders on larger models.  This reduces the chances of getting your hoses and fittings tangled in the brush.   We also include subsoil points on the 433 and 444 series for extended wear.

The tines are placed 6″ apart.  We have found this is ideal.  It’s wide enough to sift the dirt yet tight enough to allow you to pick up small material such as rocks and small limbs.


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