HyReach Clipper

FAQ’s HyReach Clipper

How often should I sharpen the blade?
Will rocks hurt the blade?
I only have one set of auxiliary hydraulic outlets on my tractor/skid steer and the clipper with the rotating head requires two sets of outlets.
How large is the cutting cylinder?
How long have you been making the HyReach Clipper?
What kind of routine maintenance is required?
Can I pile brush with the clipper?
What type of trees will the clipper cut?
How large of a tree or limb will the clipper cut?
How close to the ground will the clipper cut?
What keeps tree from falling on operator?
Will the clipper operate with all tractors and skid steers?
Can clipper be used with equipment other than skid steers and tractors?
How high will clipper reach?
How many trees will the clipper cut per hour?

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