Extreme Tree Puller

Extreme Tree Puller

Product 9,2If there was ever an attachment that was going to be put to the test, it would be the tree puller.  That was always in the back of our minds when we designed the model 525000 Tree Puller.

We knew it would be used on large equipment with over 100 hp.  There would be pulling, pushing, jerking, lifting, tilting and every other movement possible.  Oh, we also knew customers would be digging with their tree pullers.

We designed our EXTREME tree puller with a double row of teeth for a better grip on the tree.  The last thing you want to do when trying to pull a tree is to shread or shear the tree.  Our teeth are also syncronized to prevent shearing and also allows you to apply a stronger grip.  We use a powerful 3″ cylinder to close the blades tight.  The cylinder is completely enclosed with a telescoping cylinder guard made of 1/4″ plate steel.  The cylinder hoses and fittings are completely protected in both the extended and retracted positions.

If you ever try to pull a tree and it won’t pull, we have a solution.  When the blades are in the closed position, they form a spade point.  You can actually dig the roots that are preventing you from pulling the tree.  There is also a root ripper that will cut the roots as you dig.  The root ripper is located on top of the blades.

Add all of this up and you  have the best tree puller on the market!

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