Model: C68800

Weight: 164 lbs.

The CLAMPit is the newest addition to the lineup of HyReach Tree Shears.  Now you can have control over the fall of cut trees and limbs.  Simply CLAMP the tree or limb and then cut.  After the cut, the CLAMPit will retain the tree or limb allowing you to neatly pile the brush for easy cleanup with a grapple rake or simply take the brush to a burn pile.  The CLAMPit will reduce the risk of trees falling uncontrollably and causing damage.  The clamping is controlled from inside the cab with a wireless remote.  If your equipment has electrical outlets, PIN connectors are available for most applications so you may use the buttons on your control handles.

CLICK HERE to view and interact with our ‘HyReach Tree Shear Payback Calculator’ to determine your return on investment!


The CLAMPit can also be added to existing ED and XD series tree shears.


Load limit for CLAMPit is 200 lbs.  See Chart.



  • Hardened T1 Clamping Blades
  • Greased Pivot Points
  • Backstop to prevent tree from falling back
  • Center Load Support on new models
  • Welded Clamping Cylinder

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