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How Do I Choose The Correct Grapple?

You have a lot of manufacturers and styles/sizes of grapples to choose from so we tried to make it simple for you.  Click here to follow the Selector Guide which will assist you in making your choice.


  • Do you want to add a grapple to your existing bucket or remove your bucket and attach a grapple rake?
  • Do you have auxiliary hydraulic outlets?  If not, see accessories for Xtra Valve Kits.  If you have a set of outlets in the rear of your tractor you might want to run a set of hoses from those outlets to the front of your tractor.  Conceal them and secure with cable ties so the hoses do not get in the way.  Now you can put couplers on the ends and have a disconnect point at the front of the tractor instead of having long hoses to manage.
  • How do you intend to use the grapple?  Cleaning barns, picking up loose hay, moving round hay bales, brush or construction debris?  Choose the right grapple for your job.
  • What is the lift capacity of your loader?  Choose a grapple that is less than 50% of your loader lift capacity but still strong enough to do the job.
  • What is your price range?  This is a slippery slope.  Choosing a low price grapple may cost you more in the long run, plus frustrate you.


The width of the opening may be the most important feature of a grapple.  A wider grapple opening means you can grab more material.  Some are even wide enough to grab large round bales. Spacing of tines is important.  For brush we think 6” is ideal.  It is wide enough to sift the dirt yet tight enough to hold smaller brush.  For rock buckets we think 3” is ideal for the same reasons. Single grapple or double grapple?  We sell far more doubles than singles.  Mainly because with a double grapple you can clamp down on uneven loads.  Almost all brush loads will be uneven.  A single grapple may be preferred for picking up even material such as hay bales. A grapple that weighs over 50% of your lift capacity may limit the material you are able to carry.  Choose one slightly less than 50%.  Getting one too light will be costly in the long run.

Xtra Valve Kits

Product 22Ever need an extra set of hydraulic outlets?  The Xtra Valve Kit is a reliable and inexpensive way to add an extra circuit and you can do it yourself or have your dealer install it.  For example, if you have a tractor with no auxiliary outlets and you want to add a grapple, the Xtra Valve Kit is a good option for you.

You are simply going to split the tilt or up/down function of your loader.  You will turn one circuit into two circuits.  If you split the tilt function here is what will happen.  After installation, if you move the joy stick (or control handle) left and right it will tilt your bucket like it always has performed.  Now, if you push the button that mounts to your joy stick and move the joy stick left and right, it will open and close the grapple.  Let loose of the button and the hydraulic flow goes back to controlling the tilt of the bucket. Now you can control both your tilt and the grapple with one hand.

You can choose from two models.  The MP010 is for hydraulic systems up to 24 GPM while the MP020 is for hydraulic systems up to 15 GPM. Click here for more details and a link to our Installation Guide.


Brush Management

If you have a problem with trees and brush you likely will need to find equipment that best fits your needs – You can CUT IT or PULL IT and then STACK IT or HAUL IT.

XD7351 Front Loader MountCUT IT

The HyReach Tree Shear allows you to cut at ground level or power rotate the head to trim limbs.

Product 8,2


The Tree Pullers allow you to pull the entire tree out of the ground – roots and all. No stump to interfere.

Product 20


The Pallet Forks allow you to stack material such as hay bales and pallets. Add a grapple to your pallet forks to keep the brush on the forks.

Product 15HAUL IT

You can move the brush to a pile or simply haul it out of your way. There are many grapples to choose from so there is likely one that will fit your needs whether your equipment is large or small. You can even remove rocks with the rock bucket. Add a grapple to the rock bucket to make it even more versatile.



Extra Wide Opening

There is one thing you will discover about the Grapple Rakes from Precision Manufacturing.  They all have a very large opening which obviously means you can hold more material.  Even the grapple rake for the utility and compact tractor has a 50″ opening.  The larger grapples have up to a 73″ opening.  Large enough to grab a large round hay bale.

Other features include concealed cylinders on larger models.  This reduces the chances of getting your hoses and fittings tangled in the brush.   We also include subsoil points on the 433 and 444 series for extended wear.

The tines are placed 6″ apart.  We have found this is ideal.  It’s wide enough to sift the dirt yet tight enough to allow you to pick up small material such as rocks and small limbs.


Product 12,1